Please follow the rules of our Zoo so that the visit is as pleasant as possible for you and the animals.

  • The right to enter the territory of the zoo and stay there as a visitor is granted by a pass, i.e. a ticket that must be kept until the end of the visiting period. You can buy a ticket at the PART cafe, which you can find right on the shore of the duck pond when you enter the gate.
  • Children up to 8 years of age may visit the zoo only with a companion of at least 14 years of age.
  • The pass gives the visitor the right to stay in the area reserved for zoo visitors until the end of the visiting day.
  • Visitors to the zoo are allowed to take pictures and film without a special fee, as long as they do not leave the area designated for visitors and do not violate other requirements of the visiting procedure.
  • Animals may only be fed with feed intended for this purpose, which can be purchased from the PART cafe.
  • Picnics are allowed on the territory of the zoo.
  • In the zoo, we ask that you use trash cans to prevent animals from coming into contact with hazardous waste.

Zoo visitors are not allowed!

  • Touching, disturbing and feeding the animals (signs prohibiting feeding and touching are placed on the respective cages). It is allowed to feed and touch only animals designated for this purpose.
  • Bring other pets, such as cats, dogs, etc., as well as balloons and flying devices (drones, etc. that can scare animals)
  • Climb fences, climb over fences or swing on fences
  • to smoke in the territory (except in places marked for this purpose by the zoo)
  • Running between cages and enclosures and scaring animals in other ways is prohibited in the zoo.
  • Stay on the territory of the zoo before the opening time and after the closing of the zoo (except during special events organized by the zoo in the place provided for them);
  • ride a bicycle, scooter, running bike, balance bike, skateboard, roller skates and other similar means of movement on the territory (except for children up to 115 cm under the responsibility and care of their parents)
  • Leave the trash.
  • Collect the bird eggs in the cages.
! The visiting procedure is mandatory for all persons staying and/or operating on the territory of the Saaremaa Zoo!
We are forced to ask for a fine for breaking property.
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