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Life on the land of dreams!

Risto Ränk Farming started in March 2020. Started at the beginning of Covid, the YouTube channel has reached many viewers and has accumulated more than a thousand followers.

The primary plan was to live a real life, in a real country, breathe life into the farm and show the whole development with two videos a week through the YouTube channel. Since the growth of the fan club and the interest in our activities has been great, the farm will be regularly open for visits from 2022.

Risto Ränk Farming is enriched with different species of animals and birds. For today almost 1000 inhabitants live on the farm. From us you will find domestic as well as exotic animals and birds.

The animal park is constantly developing and birds and animals are constantly being added. We aim to surprise our visitors with someone new every season.

Meet the zoo’s inhabitants here!

From our great idea of ​​an experience farm and an experience cafe, dreaming big over time, the first real Saaremaa zoo has started to develop. We are currently in the construction stage and plan to open the first one in the summer of 2023 SAAREMAA ZOO!

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2023. In 2018, we will start with the creation of the Nature House of Saaremaa Loomaaia.

The purpose of the Nature House is to bring living in harmony with nature and animals closer to children and adults.

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