You can support Saaremaa Zoo by being a sponsor for a specific animal.

With its support, Saaremaa Zoo sponsor contributes to the creation of the living environment and well-being of the chosen animal as well as to the development of the entire zoo.

Depending on the size of the grant, the zoo has:
silver sponsors (500- 1499 euro), gold sponsors (1500-2999 euro) and platinum sponsors(from 3000 euro).

Saaremaa Zoo:

  • Enters into a contract with the sponsor, which is valid for 1 year and is automatically extended if the sponsor has paid at least 50% of the support 7 days before the end of the contract;
  • at Sponsor’s request, publishes his (the company’s) name on the zoo’s website and installs Sponsor’s nameplate next to the animal’s enclosure, at the company’s request, advertising in the zoo, at the request of advertising in YouTube videos.
  • If desired, cross-marketing and permission to use the animal of the respective species in your advertisements.
  • organizes an information day/visitor day for sponsors every year;
  • at Sponsor’s request, provides him with information about the life of sponsored animal once a year;
  • uses sponsor’s personal data to conclude a contract and to keep in touch with sponsor.

Notice! The zoo is not included in the list of organizations receiving income tax relief, and vader cannot deduct the amount of income tax paid from the income of the tax period.

Become a sponsor and support your favorite!

By becoming a Sponsor, you can contribute your choices to improving animal welfare and the living environment.
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