Saaremaa Zoo digital sale "A Piece of Zoo"

We are glad that you have reached the Saaremaa Zoo digital sales page.

The most anticipated real estate sale of 2023 is open!
To develop the zoo, we have opened digital sales to speed up our venture with the help of all of you.
This is no ordinary digital sale. Since we don’t like to just ask for and receive money, we still want to offer something in return, so in addition to a piece of the digital zoo, all helpers will receive a customer card. You, on the other hand, can increase your customer card discount by buying more square meters.
“A piece of the zoo” is available for sale only in LIMITED QUANTITY!
It’s something to brag about in front of others and definitely give as a gift to a friend.

How much does a piece cost and how do I benefit from it?

The story is that 1m2 of digital zoo will cost you 50€. You can buy exactly as many pieces as you want.
You get a customer card for this, which gives you a discount on the quantity of pieces.
For example: 1m2 – 5%, 2m2 – 10%, 3m2 – 15%, 4m2 – 20%, 6m2 – 30%, 8m2 – 40%
(the discount only applies to the ticket price!)
In addition to the discount, the owners of digital zoo pieces can also take part in the partner events organized by us, a name board for the cage, the latest news from the zoo and a VIP invitation to the opening of the Nature House.

How to becomethe owner of a piece? 

To purchase a digital zoo, you don’t need to do anything other than to choose a piece you like from our e-store and purchase it. We will register your customer card and mail it to the address you specified. If you buy a card for a friend, mark in the order comment who we will write the card to. 
The owner of each piece will receive a name plate on the cage of the purchased species, which would be nice to show to friends when they visit us. 

What do we do with the money we earn?

Our dream is to create something unique in Saaremaa and why not in all of Estonia. We dream of a real Saaremaa Zoo. From the zoo, where you can experience the real countryside and where there is no shortage of exotics. We work hard every day for our dream and open SAAREMAA ZOO at JUNE 2023! 

But we find that showing animals is not enough for us. We want to educate both children and adults about animals and nature. We would like to conduct workshops, trainings, educational programs, camps, events. But for that we need a place. In this connection, we came up with the idea to further develop Saaremaa Zoo and build a Nature House. 

Therefore, we will use all the income earned from the sale of the digital zoo to cover our own participation in the construction of the Nature House of the Saaremaa Zoo. 

We will start the construction of the nature house as soon as possible this spring! 

So what will this nature house look like?

The nature house comes in just the right size to be pleasantly cozy. The house will have two floors, on the first floor of which we have planned a small hall where trainings, workshops, camps and many other interesting things can be held. We have planned some smaller rooms on the second floor, where various workshops and educational programs can be held.

Check out the digital zoo here!

Buy a piece you like and you’ll be in 2023 the owner of the hottest property.

Each piece is different, the pieces are located in different cages/pens. NB! Each piece is available in limited quantities.

By clicking on the eye icon or picture, you can read more about each piece.

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